Ropeflex RX2100 OX2


Ropeflex RX2100 OX2

AED 9,127.50 AED 7,302.00 (VAT Excluded)

RX2100 offers unparalleled versatility and convenience for applications as diverse as our many satisfied customers! The rack-mountable design of the RX2100 can turn any tired old power-rack into a cutting edge, brand new piece of equipment. It can also be easily integrated with bag-racks, adding more functionality to your existing installations. Best of all, the same benefits and safety features of functional exercise and sport-specific training that other Ropeflex™ models provide can be yours without losing any floor space, by simply attaching the RX2100 to your existing hardware.

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Brand: Ropeflex Warranty: 1 Year


• Rope training machine for existing framing

• Compatible with Power and Bag racks

• Soft-Braided rope for easy and comfortable grip

• Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance

Additional information

Weight 20.4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 40 cm



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