Eleiko Competition Kettlebell

Eleiko Weightlifting Gears

AED 571AED 715 (VAT Excluded)

  • Same size for all weights
  • Calibrated to +/- 200g
  • Colour coded for easy weight identification

Eleiko Competition Kettlebells use high-grade iron, a moulded construction and powder coat finish for exceptional durability. The kettlebells are carefully calibrated for competitive use with a distinctive colour range for easy identification and consistent size to support technique consistency.

Brand: Eleiko



Kettlebell Design

Each kettlebell features a wide flat base for stability and easy to grip, a non-corrosive stainless-steel handle with a subtle texture designed to hold chalk and improve control of the kettlebell.

Calibrated for Competition

Cast iron construction calibrated to within +/- 200 g

Consistent Size

Each kettlebell, regardless of weight, has the same base diameter, height and handle size, so you can train with consistent technique as you gain strength and progress.

Kettlebell Colours

The range is offered in the international Girevoy colour scheme for quick and easy weight identification by sight from anywhere in the room.

Steady and Secure

Easy to grip stainless steel handle and wide flat base for better control.



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Kettlebell Weights

16 Kg, 24 Kg


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