AquaTreadmill Easy Line

AquaTreadmill Easy Line

AED 9,211 (VAT Excluded)

The Hydrorider AquaTreadmill Easy Line has been created to give fitness centres, recreation clubs, wellness-Spa centres and private pools the possibility to introduce aquatic running and walking into their facilities with the design and quality that distinguish Hydrorider products at a reasonable price. It is a unique peace of equipment that allows the user to walk and run while immersed in the water taking advantage of the buoyancy and other benefits of the aquatic environment.

The AquaTreadmill Hydrorider Easy Line is perfect for group exercise, circuit training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, personal training and athletic training. With special population it can be utilized for people with limitations due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, previous injury, obesity or those who are de-conditioned, also suitable for coop use with medical and fitness facilities. It can be easily folded and stored after its use.

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Brand: Hydrorider Warranty: 1 Year
SKU: DBS3004


• Affordable investment

• Easy to store

• Attracts the attention of new client types across all age groups and increase your customer base.

• Versatility and applicability in different types of training.

• Safe and durable.

• Low maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 130 cm



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