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Physiolab, the provider of award-winning enhanced recovery solutions through cryotherapy recommended by the world of elite sport and orthopedics.

Cryotherapy is an effective, natural and safe treatment used by healthcare professionals and patients worldwide to treat symptoms of pain, swelling and inflammation

Pain management provides a natural way to manage pain, meaning you can minimize the use of pain relief medication and their unwanted side effects, while being able to complete your physio exercises, before and after surgery.

HOME RECOVERY PACKAGES: Start offering your outpatients an efficient cryotherapy service for when they are discharged from hospital. Empower them with a device that can be used in the comfort of their own home to manage post-surgical pain and swelling.

HOSPITAL RECOVERY PACKAGES: By adopting Physiolab’s Hospital Recovery Packages, your hospital or clinic will offer patients an effective cryotherapy service during their stay on the wards. Our devices are compatible with hospital environments and will allow patients to manage their swelling and pain prior to being discharged.

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